Web Hosting

With 3 types of hosting options, K2Media make it even easier to have your site up and running and
generating more business for you.

No Frills Hosting

  • Suitable only for Static websites that don’t need to be updated often
  • FTP and limited DNS
  • Limited Tech Support
  • NO email functionality

Self Managed Hosting

  • Suitable for clients who understand their web technologies and want to manage their own hosting
  • Full Access to CPanel, DNS, SQL and FTP
  • Business Hours Tech Support
  • Email Functionality Included

K2 Managed Hosting

  • We take care of all the confusing CPanel, DNS, SQL and FTP stuff, so you don’t need to worry!
  • Your CMS and Plugins are kept up to date without any work from you.
  • Priority (6am – 12am) Tech Support
  • Free Backups of your site every month
  • Email Functionality Included

AND as an added bonus –

When you let us design your site, we’ll give you a year of FREE hosting!

That’s right! FREE!